Bits of Reality: 2 – Little Nemo

In the second episode of 8 Bits of Reality, I sit down with my very good friend and co-host Adam Bash to play the seemingly innocent Little Nemo on the NES. Little did I know, however, that Little Nemo is a game designed by murderous psychopaths intent on destroying the spirit of anybody who dares come into contact with it.

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Thank you for everybody who tuned in to be entertained by the destruction of my soul, and be sure to check in next Monday at 9:30pm CST for the third episode of 8 Bits of Reality!

Also, there will not be a poll for the game in next week’s show, as the game chosen is a very special request.

About Daniel Tolin

Daniel Tolin is a video producer for Splitkick and co-host of the Fall Damage podcast. He also tends to get really angry at old games at least once a week.
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