About Daniel Tolin

Daniel Tolin is a video producer for Splitkick and co-host of the Fall Damage podcast. He also tends to get really angry at old games at least once a week.

Bits of Reality: 19 – Wolverine: Adamantium Rage

As a follow up to last week’s train wreck, we’re fleshing out the Marvel X-perience with an X-Men theme in this episode. Sadistic game design abounds in the dire Wolverine: Adamantium Rage followed by Dan once again showing his complete lack of Super Hero skills in X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse for the Super Nintendo! Continue reading

Bits of Reality: 18 – Spider-Man and the X-Men

It’s a Marvel massacre this week featuring two especially awful licensed Spider-Man games! After admitting defeat once again and getting absolutely no-where in Spider-Man and the X-Men, Dan tries his hand at a game based on The Animated Series. This proves to be a least a little more forgiving until an ill-fated trip to the circus breaks Dan’s spirit for good! Continue reading

Bits of Reality: 17 – Fester’s Quest

At first glance, Fester’s Quest appears to be a fairly solid action/adventure title. The controls are solid, the action is paced fairly well and the soundtrack is pretty damn good. After about an hour of playing Fester’s Quest, Dan is left on the edge of insanity at a game which seems to be designed with the express intent to aggravate and exhaust the player. It’s like an 8-bit Dark Souls, only with no incentive to keep playing. Continue reading