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Martin Perry is Reviews Editor for Splitkick.

Saints Row IV – Review

Following their involvement in [REDACTED TO PREVENT SPOILERS], the Saints were once again thrust into the lime light: only, this time they weren’t viewed as dangerous criminals but heralded as patriots. Riding their wave of popularity, The Leader of the Saints decided to run for the highest office…and won. Now the President of the United States, the boss has gone from the crack house, to the penthouse, to the White House. Continue reading

Metro: Last Light – Review

There’s a returning focus on ammo preservation, although it’s definitely been tamed outside of the harder ‘Ranger’ mode. So, I naturally swapped to a stealthy, defensive approach to combat. 4A Games proprietary engine does lighting exceptionally well, and the levels are each designed with the same degree of flexibility as Arkham City. It’s a game that Metro Last Light recalls often during your exchanges with enemies. Continue reading

DmC: Devil May Cry – Review

DmC is still very much Devil May Cry, but like only the very best reboots it offers a fresh take on an existing set of characters that pays respect while being boldly original. Ninja Theory are a developer who has had to answer questions about development decisions in the past, but in DmC they have a brilliant game whose few flaws lie in its inherent ties to its heritage rather than through new, bad design. For all franchises, there’s likely a ceiling of quality that any developer will find next to impossible to break. If a Devil May Cry game can only be so good, then this is pretty close to that version of perfection. Continue reading

The Auction of THQ

Giving a bit more personal comment, I really don’t see these sale terms being good for the games industry as a whole. I don’t believe that Deep Silver will step into the space that THQ leaves. The number of publishers in the industry has dwindled in recent years, and THQ had come to be well regarded as a supportive partner. Continue reading

Far Cry 3 – Review

Far Cry 3 is about brutality, and losing yourself to it when survival is all you have left. Powerful performances make you care about each character initially, but the sheer enjoyment of hunting, of taking over enemy camps, and of scouting for new territory to dominate, means that you become far more absorbed in the island and its nature than you do the plot. Continue reading

Hitman: Absolution – Review

Following the two Kane and Lynch games, IO Interactive had pretty much used up all of the goodwill I had. Years of regular Hitman releases made them one of my favourite developers, and I’d followed them into fresh territory only to be disappointed… twice. Understandably then, I was pretty apprehensive upon hearing that they were returning to the series that they made their name with. Continue reading