Broken Tamriel: 7 – We Know


I strongly question the wisdom of interfering with Lucien Lachance’s proteges. Assassinations occur all across the land, especially given the war, but stepping into a Dark Brotherhood sanctioned one? If we were in Morrowind, your last will and testament would already have been written – and signed with your blood.

I am disavowing you. In fact, burn this letter the moment you receive it.

Since this is the last letter you will receive from me, know that I miss the man you once were. Clearly my continued faith in you was misplaced.

If you survive, I hope you at least find some measure of peace.

Be safe,


No more letters to Quorengor. I’m not sure how I feel about that. On one hand, I am truly my own Elf. On the other hand, I’m alone. Golldir has turned out to be a pretty dull fellow. Writing in my journal can only help so much.

I’m happy that my supervisor was wrong. The Dark Brotherhood pursued me for my interference. Caught me many miles away from my “crime” against them. Their idea of punishment, however, was queer. Instead of killing me on the spot, they abducted me in my sleep, and carried me halfway across the world to some gods-forsaken shack painted with blood.

Astrid, my abductor, explained to me that, since I’d taken a life from them, I had to repay with a life of my own. I was tempted to ask why not my life, but I wasn’t sure what she’d do with that suggestion. She’s beautiful but more than a little creepy.

Nor did she have the decency to tell me who to kill. There were three other poor souls in that shack with us. I had to “figure out” which one had the contract on them. I was way too tired to think that hard, so I killed them all.

You know what she called me then? What I wish I could tell Quorengor? She called me an overachiever! Invited me to be part of a family!

I think I’ll take her up on that offer but these new developments don’t erase the threat of the dragons. Thalmor sponsorship or not, I intend to do something about that starting now.

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