Fall Damage: 150 – The Final Show

It took 6 co-hosts, three and a half years, and 150 episodes to reach this moment. As Adam, Dan, and Pete convene for the last episode of Fall Damage, we take a look at our Fallie award winners for the year (Best Story, Best Gameplay, Best Online/Multiplayer Experience, Best Soundtrack, Best Character, Best New IP, and Game of the Year.) We get a little drunk, a lot nostalgic, and close the podcast out with our longest episode ever.

Thanks to Aevan, Niki, Goji, Ben Daniels, Jim Hunter, Aaron Phokal, David Hughes, Todd Fuller, Adam Cogswell, Linthus, JJ, Mephianse, Gennataos, J.J., Dan, Peter, JB Walton, Paul Taylor, Greg Kasavin, Team Meat, Joel Kinnunen, Chandana Ekanayake, and everyone else who made doing this show so richly rewarding. Continue reading

Fall Damage: 149 – The Double Dragon Show

I’m going to be honest, this was a terrible idea. We sat around last week and watched Double Dragon together, and I cannot express to you the depths of despair that await foolish travelers who follow in our footsteps. If you ever do, take this running commentary as a guide. It won’t help drown out the sound of your own screams, but it may help you better appreciate the nuance of Robert Patrick’s acting style.

** This is not a normal episode of Fall Damage. It’s meant to be listened to while watching 1994′s Double Dragon. The movie available is on Netflix instant. Continue reading

Fall Damage: 146 – The Ramifications Show

With only 5 episodes of Fall Damage remaining, I’m going to be flat-out honest with you… we only recorded this show for the resultant tax deduction.

We get all hype about the Wii U (except Dan who prefers to fret his heart out about Nintendo’s future), talk for waaaaaay too long about what Portal had that Quantum Conundrum didn’t, and then roll out our longest PlayStation+ commercial yet. Continue reading

Fall Damage: 142 – The Ethereal Show

Alert: this podcast contains information that has been classified as CLASS 4 EXTINCTION LEVEL THREAT (also there’s some talk about Retro City Rampage, Professor Layton, and a totally theoretical character crossover fighting game). Any worker found in possession of this material who does not have a security clearance higher than goldenrod or is not a member of Ultimax Incursion Team Bravo will be sentenced without trial to the salt mines of Halcyon 12.

Anyone with further information about the new elemental mutation of the beast formerly know as the Sevenbear should report it immediately to bureau security at 209-7-DAMAGE. Continue reading

Fall Damage: 141 – The 7th Element Show


Plenty I could tell ya’ about bears. Unique among mammals, the beasts are born from their own fetid waste; an endless cycle of wallowing ordure and matted fur. As putrid as your ev’ryday bear might be, they pale in comparison to the fiendish amalgamation known as the sevenbear. Possessing the spirits of the seven prime devils once worshipped by the long-dead Kohotek people, this monstrosity has carved a swath of terror across the New World like a glacier of furry fury.

Also, we talk about Dishonored, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Walking Dead: Around Every Corner, and Borderlands 2‘s new Mechromancer class. Continue reading