Kirk Reviews: Banished

Banished is a game about a band of settlers who build a new community.  The player makes all executive and societal decisions for the settlers, but does not have a physical presence in the community.  The player is free to imagine handing down divine orders, possessing the minds of elected … Continue reading

Why The Microsoft/Machinima Blunder Matters

In 2007, the perennial question of, “Can video game consumers truly trust video game journalists?” finally seemed to come to a head. Rumor and speculation ran rampant as Jeff Gerstmann was sacked at GameSpot, seemingly for giving a bad review score to a game that had contributed advertising to the … Continue reading

Kirk Plays: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin – Part 4


When we last left Shaftwell McStiffles, he was scavenging the easy level for enough equipment to survive the challenges of the lower levels of the dungeon.  Now continues his adventures: My adventure was going great!  This was so much more exciting than my peasant life.  I was stomping monsters and … Continue reading

Let’s Play Bandit Kings of Ancient China 10: It’s Over!

We came in full force. 1000 soldiers lead by some of the greatest bandits in all of Ancient China. We all knew in our hearts that Dick didn’t stand a chance. It was January. Cold, frozen, desolate… We planned on playing Frosty Smash, the game where we took our dead frozen enemies and smashed their heads with large hammers. Whoever breaks the head into the most pieces wins. We invaded from the East. Dick’s armies were set up defending their many castles. Continue reading