BFIG13: Lost Marbles

The game is presented in a bold, bright cel-shaded style that fits it perfectly, and both the controls and physics are incredibly tight, as they must be in a title like this. If you’re a fan of physics puzzlers, you owe it to yourself to check out Lost Marbles demo and give them an upvote on Steam Greenlight. Continue reading

BFIG13: Adrift

Pretty chaotic, but I was impressed with what I played. Come to find out that the team had only been working on it for two months, they were just getting their Kickstarter going, and that wasn’t even what they had planned on showing at BFIG. “We thought it would be cool to show.” Yep. Good choice. Continue reading

Card Hunter

Card Hunter is an online collectible card game with some twists: It’s free to play and you can win cards by playing the game. Search dungeons to find treasure and then equip your loot to build out your decks. Use your cards to move your characters and battle monsters’ decks. Continue reading