Celebrating a year of kicks!

Today marks the one year anniversary of Splitkick’s launch, so it’s a great time to reflect on the past year. Since our start, we’ve had more than 70,000 of you have filtered through to read an article, listen to a podcast, or share your views in a forum post. Because of each and every one of you, we consider our first year a resounding success.

We’ve seen a handful of changes over the course of the past year, and we continue to evolve even now. We’re hard at work to expand our squadron of writers, starting with new Staff Writer Jett Landicho. Jett’s contributed some great articles to the community over the past few months, and we’re excited to bring him on-board officially.

Another exciting addition for our sophomore season will be the Editors’ Choice Award. When a game comes along and receives universal acclaim from the Splitkick crew, we’ll affix this award to the review. On the rare occasion you see this award, you can expect something truly special.

We can’t thank you enough for continuing to support Splitkick, our writers, and our podcasts through your comments, emails, and patronage. Here’s to making the next year even better!

About Adam Bash

Adam Bash was the host of the Fall Damage podcast and is currently a contributor to Splitkick. He helps make the site do things.
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