Holiday Giveaway 2011 Day 4 – Grab Bag

Welcome back! Today we’ve got a grab bag of stuff ready to dole out. Nine total prizes to give away today, all on the PC tip. Great stuff all over the place!

Sign up for an account on if you have not done so already, then Post a comment on this page detailing what you would store in a Bag of Holding or Portable Hole that you would have access to at a moments notice and why. Think big! Think Extravagant! Let us know if you’ve got something already and if you win we’ll do our best to accommodate.


  • A Copy of Transformers: War for Cybertron on Steam
  • Two Copies of Titan Quest: Complete on Steam
  • Two Copies of Metro 2033 on Steam
  • Two Copies of Section 8: Prejudice on Steam
  • Two Copies of Portal 2 on Steam

If you missed any of the other days, check up our roundup post and be sure to enter! Check back tomorrow for more prizes while you’re at it. When you sign up for Splitkick, we won’t be spamming you or giving away your information. There is no limit to the number of games you can win throughout this giveaway, but please only enter once per theme. Winners will be announced next week.

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