I Want to Play Blood Alloy Right Now


Suppressive Fire Games needs to develop Blood Alloy faster so that I can play it as soon as possible.

Here’s why:

“Blood Alloy is a 2D, sci-fi urban Metroidvania that stars a young female amnesiac who regains consciousness in a lab and discovers that she’s been forcibly converted into a cyborg – and that just about everything and everyone she encounters wants to kill her.”

“Blood Alloy is a non-linear adventure filled with secret areas, optional bosses, and tons of new weapons and upgrades to discover and use.”

“Combat is defined by the fusion of the stamina-based combat mechanics seen in Dark Souls with vicious gunplay; discharging your weapon, dodging, blocking enemy attacks with your shield, and using special abilities all consume energy from your ever-replenishing reserves.”

Currently in a pre-alpha, things are looking pretty rad from the outset and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

About Ben Daniels

Ben Daniels is Community Manager for Splitkick and co-host of the Rocket Jump podcast. He frequently disseminates misinformation.
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