I Wanted to be Ryan Davis


I didn’t know Ryan Davis personally. We met in passing at PAX East a couple times, and conversed briefly over Twitter, but I’m sure he didn’t know me from Adam. Still, his passing is a great loss to me personally.

Since forming Giant Bomb, I’ve been with Ryan and the crew every step of the way. I was a paying member of their community for no reason other than to give back for the countless hours of content they provided. Primarily though, Ryan’s delivery on the Bombcast was something that drew great adoration from his audience. So much so, that I wanted to emulate his successes.

I wanted to be Ryan Davis.

Is that weird? Yeah a bit. But aside from a change in websites and brief life-based outages, I’ve been regularly podcasting for over four years. It was Ryan’s host-chair duties that kept pushing me along. I’ve listened weekly to their show and even though the rest of the crew is great, it was Ryan that drove everything. I’d imagine a world where I’d get to sit in on one of their shows, just once. When he wasn’t there, I’d long for the following week when he would be.

Now, he won’t be.

It will be extremely difficult to continue listening to the Bombcast moving forward. Not only has their site lost a core member and the host of their podcast, but the industry as a whole is darker today and whole lot less jovial.

Goodbye Ryan. You are already missed. It will never be Tuesday again.


(pictures courtesy of GiantBomb.com)

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Jim Hunter is Editor-in-Chief of Splitkick and host of the Rocket Jump podcast. He has three kids and is constantly cranky, but also highly awesome.
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