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I was not exactly kind to Crysis 3’s campaign in my review, but thankfully the game’s eye-melting graphics have some purpose in its solid multiplayer. Much like Crysis 2 before it, the game plays like “Call of Halo”, but definitely has its own unique learning curve. Here are some tips to help you survive the Post-Human battlegrounds online.

Guide 1Play it Like Duty

If you’re coming from a Call of Duty-centric background, the extra layer Armor and Stealth suit modes present to the game may require some adjustment. Should you prefer to enjoy the game’s decent gunplay and excellent level design, minus all this suit business, find servers with the “Cell vs Rebel” mutator. This limits players to non-Nanosuit factions, making the game feel like a prettier version of Activision’s yearly-recycler. Over the past two weeks, this has gained a great deal of popularity, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a match with a good ping.

Play it Like Halo

In the campaign, basically the only time you should be uncloaked is when your cloak is recharging. Sadly, most human players aren’t fooled as easy as the game’s inept AI. Cloaking can be useful while perfectly stationary, but you’re still relatively easy to spot even from across the map, limiting it’s role (thankfully) for sniper camping. That said, unless you need to be somewhere fast, leave Armor mode on all the time. This gives you durability akin to the Master Chief, something you’ll need when the game’s wonky hit detection betrays you.

Guide 2Live (or Die) by the Bow

Crysis 3’s bow is the Farsight XR-20 for a new generation. It has a steep learning curve, but its one-hit killing power more than justifies the difficulty. As one of the earliest weapon unlocks, it’s worth investing time on if you desire battlefield supremacy. Most of the maps have long sightlines and good sniper perches above objective locations, rewarding players who learn the game’s signature weapon. I am personally miserable at it outside of the campaign, leading to some often comedic killcam footage, but I recognize the power it has in skilled hands.

Don’t Invest in Assault Weapons

Weapon balance is an evolving thing in any multiplayer game, but automatic weapons seem to get the short straw in Crysis 3, outside of the truly spray-and-pray Typhoon. In fact, the game is generally miserable at supporting mid-range combat. It’s currently far more useful to invest in either a CQB weapon (like a shotgun or the Typhoon), or start learning the Bow or one of the sniper rifles. I, sadly, have yet to find a good equivalent to the Battle Rifle or DMR from Halo 4.

Guide 3Don’t Discount Plain-Old Team Deathmatch

While the game sports some fantastic objective modes, from the asymmetric Hunter mode to the more traditional Spears and Crash Site modes, TDM (especially with the Cell vs Rebel mutator) is quite enjoyable. I would never describe Crysis 3’s multiplayer as slow-paced, but most of the team matches I’ve been in have been patient, almost cat-and-mouse affairs. Instead of people running around like crazy headless-chickens, they actually pause and take stock of the battlefield before charging at the enemy. It’s rare, and appreciated in a 8v8 game.

Take a Breath

Particularly in Nanosuit matches, Crysis 3 encourages liberal sprinting. Unless you’re a shotgun virtuoso though, that will lead to a terrible K/D ratio. I’m generally miserable at sniper weapons in any shooter, and still haven’t found a go-to mid-range rifle, but I definitely do better when I pause and take note of my surroundings. In fact, when I force myself to not sprint and travel at normal speed, I’m at my most dangerous. Think of it like playing the campaign, only you’re hunting far more dangerous prey.

Guide 4Consider Disabling the HUD

Naturally, this last tip is specific to the PC version of the game. The HUD takes up an awful lot of screen space. I found I oftentimes had more fun, and did better, when I used the console command (tilde, “hud_hide 1”) to turn the HUD off – which is what I did when gathering the screenshots for this guide. In team matches, there’s always the risk of killing friendlies if you don’t pause to see which uniform they wear, but I enjoyed playing it that way despite the extra confusion. It would be particularly good in FFA Deathmatch, or if you are just playing the multiplayer to unwind and turn the brain off for a bit.

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