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Injustice: Gods Among Us is a fast-paced fighter where every battle is larger than life. If you’re ready to throw down with Superman and the gang, this Kickstart Guide might be the Kryptonite you need to pound your adversaries into submission.

Understand Your Surroundings

Every stage in the game features a number of environmental objects to interact with, from throwable bombs, to motorcycles you can ride to run people over. At first, the temptation is high to simply mash on the Interact button when the icon appears by your health bar. However, this tactic falls apart quickly when a lack of familiarity can cause button mashers to blindly whiff a kick or attack in the wrong direction.

To get the most out of these weapons, you really should take the time to learn the properties of every object and understand how each character interacts with them. For instance, a Power class character such as Doomsday may throw a car, while a Gadget character like Batman may attach explosives to that same car instead.

Also, think about specific scenarios where interacting with a specific object will be more beneficial at a certain point in the match. As an example, all of the objects that you kick people into work much better as a combo extender rather than as a reckless initial attack. The former is guaranteed additional damage while the latter is a risk that your opponent can punish. Spend some time in training mode to determine the best use for each.

While you’re learning how to dish out the pain, remember that your opponent can also use these objects against you. These attacks are unblockable, but they’re all avoidable or preventable too. When you see your opponent close to one, be ready to employ some sort of countermeasure, such as jumping out of the way, so that you don’t take a car to the face.

String Theory

Injustice 2Combos don’t begin and end with the predefined combo strings on the moves list. When used in tandem with other strings, special moves, normal moves and interactive object attacks, short strings can extend into brutal ballets of offensive destruction. The trick is to determine how to piece all of these tools together.

In general, strings that knock someone into the air, bounce them off a wall, or bounce them off the ground are best used at the beginning or middle of a combo. These leave your opponent in a state where you can continue the flurry. Special moves and normal moves can oftentimes be used to bridge the gap between strings. Conversely, strings, special moves, or super moves that knock foes to the ground or out of reach work best as finishers.

With this basic understanding of combo construction in mind, get creative and piece together as many different sequences as you can in training mode. Once you’ve mastered a few against the training dummy, try them out on a live opponent!

The Clash

The Clash System is one of the game’s more confusing gameplay mechanics. How does it work? When your opponent is hitting you with a combo and you’re down to your red health bar, you can use a clash by hitting forward and the meter burn button. This acts as a combo breaker and as opportunity to gain life back if you have more EX meter than they do. Each player can use a clash once per match.

injustice-gods-among-us-screenshots-9When is it a good time to use it and when should you leave it alone? Though it’s still early in the game’s life to ultimately determine the best uses for it, here are a few safe bets.

If you find yourself in a situation where your opponent’s combo will cost you the match, use it. At worst, you lose some meter, while resetting character positioning and saving yourself from imminent defeat. An opponent cannot win through a clash, so using it at this point will give you at least one more shot at redemption.

If you’ve still got most of your second health bar and your opponent has started a combo, save it for later. You can actually run into a situation where you won’t gain all the health you should have earned upon winning the clash because the second health bar can’t go higher than 100%. In general, wait until you’re really down on your luck to use it.

Also keep an eye out on your opponent’s EX meter. If you have the EX meter advantage, consider clashing while you’re ahead to easily regain upwards of 33% of your health back. In particular, they’re most vulnerable to losing a clash right after they execute their super move. Using one at this point can essentially negate the damage that their super just dealt.

Totally Crossed Out

Unlike Mortal Kombat before it, Injustice uses Street Fighter-style directional blocking. This opens the door for cross-up attacks, which are a powerful tactic in almost every fighting game. Understanding how they work will be key to laying the smackdown on your foes.

Cross-up attacks occur when an opponent hits you from behind. The most common scenario for this maneuver happens when someone executes a jump-in attack that hits from behind during the downward arc of their jump. In the image below, Batman is crossing-up The Flash with his jumping medium kick.

Injustice Cross Up

These attacks are effective because blocking cross-ups can be confusing. Referring back to the image, Batman was jumping from left to right, which would normally mean that The Flash would hold right on the d-pad or joystick to block the ensuing attack. However, as illustrated in the image, Batman actually makes contact when he is to the right of his opponent. In this scenario, The Flash would have to hold the d-pad or joystick to the left in order to block it. It may take some time to grasp the concept, though doing so will make your defence considerably stronger.

Not every move can act as a cross-up, and the ones that do require strict timing and spacing to execute. It’s highly recommended that you spend some time in training mode to determine which moves have this property. If you want to get fancy, you can even turn on the hitbox view to visually see whether an attack’s hitbox intersects the back side of your opponent’s hurtbox. Using a mix of straightforward and cross-up attacks will greatly increase your chances of landing a successful opening hit.

Justice For All

The path towards Injustice: Gods Among Us dominance is rife with evildoers chomping at the bit to take you down. This Kickstart Guide isn’t a substitute for super powers, though they could make a valuable addition to your utility belt. Next time you enter the fray, have these pro-tips handy, because this knowledge may be the difference between victory and defeat.

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