Let’s Play Bandit Kings of Ancient China: 1

I think I’ve been spending too much time playing games that came out within the last 20 years, so in honor of the holiday season I’ve decided to go retro.

Bandit Kings of Ancient China is a Koei game, made before they became the Dynasty Warriors company. The story is something along the lines of:

The government has been taken over by some dick name “Evil Gao Qiu” and he’s out douching the place all up. You are some kind of outlaw, exiled for crimes against the regime. It’s your job to remove “Evil Gao Qiu” from office and restore the Emperor to power. In the process you’re going to get a lot of people killed and burn down a bunch of shit. Oh wait, there’s other bandits that have the same goal, why not work together? I don’t know why not but they will be trying to kill you too. You need bandit underlings to help get the job done, so set up your own illegitimate government and cause some havok!

So, let’s get started. I decided to choose scenario 2, because, hey, why not? I can choose between 7 characters and I opted for Blue Face Beast, as he has the coolest name despite not having a blue face.


Here I can roll my attributes. In this picture he has a blue hat. Perhaps it was a translation error?


I started the game in exile quickly making my way to prefecture 7. In the 900 years since the time this game takes place in there has been significant continental drift, so I can’t tell you where I am in modern day china. The game tells me this place is called “Lai”. I chose this spot because it has the ability to make weapons and ships. Without the ability to make weapons you’re basically fucked on the battlefield.

I made my way “Downtown” where 5 characters were hanging out. I asked them all to join me and only one accept my invitation. It’s very difficult to recruit people until your fame rises.


I spent the next few months trying to build up my province so that it will produce money and food to support my bandits and assorted goons. At this point, I was in a a very precarious position, with no soldiers, only one bandit who doesn’t like me very much, and no income. Going hunting, then giving food to the citizens raised their support of my regime, if you can call it that.

My bandit buddy decided that my criminal empire sucks and left, I went downtown and managed to recruit an only slightly crappier replacement, but he soon left also. I was all alone.

Some time passed, and I celebrated the new year, 1103! I was still alone of course, but I threw a bitchin’ party. How? January is Tax Time in ancient china. I’m not sure why the people are paying taxes to me instead of the government but perhaps my bandits just stole everything from the IRS.

Once the people’s support for you reaches 40, they will start to pay taxes. You want to get it to this level before January or you won’t get any new resources. Also if it’s less than 55 there’s a chance the people will revolt and really give you a mess to clean up.

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