Locomalito Delivers Verminian Trap


We’ve told you about how awesome Locomalito is before. I had a total retro freak out over Maldita Castilla last year, and now the underground developer has teamed up with musician Gryzor87 and dropped Verminian Trap on us.

An old school arcade shooter in the vein of Wizards of Wor, this little gem can be played co-op with up to three of your friends. The sweet spot? It’s 100% free (not to be confused with “free-to-play”).

So get downloading and enjoy some bug blasting action on your PC, Mac, or even that Ouya you haven’t used since the day you bought it.

About Ben Daniels

Ben Daniels is Community Manager for Splitkick and co-host of the Rocket Jump podcast. He frequently disseminates misinformation.
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