PAX East 2013: Rise of the Triad


I got to try my hand in a multiplayer match of Rise of The Triad. This upcoming reboot of the seminal PC shooter will feature both online competitive modes and a full campaign. ROTT was one of my favorite old school FPS titles of that era along with Shadow Warrior, Blood, and Duke Nukem 3D so I had really high expectations going into the demo.

Luckily all fears were assuaged once I saw that the high speed, frenetic gameplay is in full force, along with teleporters, bounce pads, and crazy weapons like the “Excalibat”.


Jim’s Note: I scored 20 kills during my time with the demo, which just so happened to be the highest out of all journos that took part. Suck it, other guys!

The graphics have been brought into this decade without losing the feel of the original game, and the controls are razor sharp which provided deadly accuracy with a mouse and keyboard in deathmatch. Releasing at the $15 price point, Rise of The Triad should be a fun and nostalgic return to the days when first person shooters didn’t take themselves so seriously.

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