PAX East 2013: Saints Row IV


My biggest disappointment with Saints Row IV is that it was a hands-off presentation. If you loved the previous game, this appears to be everything it needs to be. In SRIV, you have now become a Presidential superhero who has been taken captive by aliens and places into a virtual reality prison with all of the other homies who just so happen to have been cabinet members.

And when I say superhero, I’m not being rhetorical. You get super speed, the ability to jump over buildings, shoot ice out of your hands, and use telekinesis to throw objects, like cars, around. It’s bonkers.

SRIV-2There’s also a ridiculous gun that shoots a concentrated beam of dubstep music, causing all passers-by to get funky. It may be the best gun ever.

The VR prison may seem to be influenced by the Die Deckers mission from The Third, but the developers told us that it really just allowed them to go in a bunch of different directions and still maintain the semblance of continuity. While we only saw the virtual Steelport, the other Saints have their own VR prison that you’ll be jumping into.

One of the issues with Saints Row the Third, stemming from the way they technically implemented weapons, was that when DLC was introduced with wacky new weapons, you couldn’t used them in the free-roaming city. I’ve been told that has been addressed with the new game. This also lead to the confirmation that they’re already planning for DLC though they wouldn’t say anything about a season pass.

Before going into the demo, I wanted to play Saints Row IV pretty badly. Our time only strengthened that desire.


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