Rocket Jump: 000 – Welcome to Rocket Jump

Hey guys! This week we bring you the premiere of Rocket Jump! Only it’s not really an episode, so we’ll call it an “un-premiere”. Your hosts Jim, Adam, Todd and Ben are going to get you up to speed with what Rocket Jump is all about, and how we fit into the new and exciting world of  We’ll talk a little about the podcast, what we’re going to be doing, and how the website works. So check this out to get an idea of what we’ve got lined up for you!  Also, Battlefield 3 looks amazing. - (716) 575-JUMP / (716) 575-5867 – Twitter: @JumpPod

About Jim Hunter

Jim Hunter is Editor-in-Chief of Splitkick and host of the Rocket Jump podcast. He has three kids and is constantly cranky, but also highly awesome.
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