Splitkick at PAX East


Last year on the Rocket Jump podcast, after missing both New York Comic Con and PAX East for 2012, I made the proclamation that I’d be going to PAX East 2013, FOR SURE. Today, I’m proud to announce not only that I’m holding my word and will be there from Thursday night to Sunday, but I’ll be joined by Ben Daniels, John Wells, and Holly Smalley.

Ben and I will be focusing on the video game side of things while Holly and John are going to be rocking the tabletop section. Of course, there will be time to visit with people so if any of you are also going, be sure to give us a shout and we’ll plan a meeting and the highest of fives.


About Jim Hunter

Jim Hunter is Editor-in-Chief of Splitkick and host of the Rocket Jump podcast. He has three kids and is constantly cranky, but also highly awesome.
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