Splitkick Closing, Short Attention Gamer Continues


Yeah, it’s been a few years now and Splitkick is closing up shop. Thanks to everyone who made the site what it was, from the writers to the readers. I hope that everyone who was a part of the site is able to go on to bigger and better things. Small websites at this point in time pretty much need some decent cashflow to get real visibility, and being that this was simply a hobby site, it was only the bits and bobs that we could contribute on a small scale. Basically, it was fun while it lasted.

If you’ve got a podcast consuming application, you probably don’t need to know about this one, but in case you don’t, Short Attention Gamer has moved over to http://sagcast.com and will continue in some form. We’ve started to do SAG LIVE where we’ll podcast and play a mindless game at the same time on Twitch, so listeners can watch and comment in near realtime. If you have a podcast app that grabs our thing every week, you don’t need to worry about it because you should be auto updated. If not, head over to the new place and subscribe again.

Otherwise, that’s all she wrote. Thanks again everyone! We love you.


About Jim Hunter

Jim Hunter is Editor-in-Chief of Splitkick and host of the Rocket Jump podcast. He has three kids and is constantly cranky, but also highly awesome.
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