Splitkick Plays: XCOM Enemy Within (Untitled Mode) – Primer

I wanted to do a ‘Let’s Play’ of XCOM: Enemy Within, but I wanted to add a bit more consequence and tension to my game. I enabled Ironman mode, and some additional settings like making initial stats and leveling stats random.

Then I asked 20 of my friends to unwittingly choose a number from 1-4. I made 20 soldiers based on these friends and split them up into teams based on the number they chose. The soliders are awarded points based on performance. These points translate to an overall team score. The teams are not even (anymore), and that makes it interesting.

This link will take you to the scoring spreadsheet.

Mission 06 will be live streamed at http://www.twitch.tv/thewalleh on Thursday at 8:00pm ET. The teams will have to decide which one of their living members will run the mission. What team will survive the longest, and who will win? (Heck, what WILL they win!?)


Q: How do I vote and what am I voting on?

A: You are voting on which team member from your squad (in the doc) you want to go on the next mission.  There is one representative used per team per mission.  Ideally you want to pick the character that will net your team the most points.  Send your votes to @TheWalleh on Twitter.

Q: Who can Vote?

A: Only players listed in this spreadsheet.

Q: What happens when my character dies?

A: You no longer have a vote.  However you can be resurrected if your team gets the final kill in a mission that awards a soldier.

Q: How do we win?

A: You can win by being the last team remaining or being the team with the most points at the games completion.  The prize for being the last ream remaining differs from winning with most points.

Q: Prize?

A: Yeah, prize.  Secret for now.  Will be revealed by Mission 10.

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