Streaming: Bits of Reality

Starting this Monday, the third of September at 9pm Central, I will be hosting a weekly retro themed live game stream on our channel named 8 Bits of Reality.

Every Monday at 9 I will be playing a classic 8, 16 or 32 bit slice of video game history live, and time-willing I will aim to play the game through to the end in a single session. Along with tackling old favourites such as Castlevania, Megaman, Mario, Zelda et cetera, I would also love to share some forgotten and obscure gems you may have never heard of, along with the odd attempt at games that should have stayed locked in the past for the rest of eternity.

To help me decide what games I should play each week, I will take title suggestions that you can leave in the comments, or you can send your suggestions on Twitter to @danjtolin, or e-mail me at I will take three or four of these suggestions each week and post a poll to see which people want over all.

So what are you waiting for? Vote on the poll for this week’s episode and I will see you there tomorrow at 9pm CST!

About Daniel Tolin

Daniel Tolin is a video producer for Splitkick and co-host of the Fall Damage podcast. He also tends to get really angry at old games at least once a week.
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