The Recurring Bosscast: 014 – Exclusive Interview With Fake Ed Boon

Fake Ed Boon addresses the Deathstroke haters, explains why Goro isn’t in Injustice: Gods Among Us, and discusses the complications of making Mortal Kombat vs. NBA Jam. Besides our special guest, Mat’s friend has become a trolling manic, Jason got to play the follow-up to A Link to the Past, and Jett shares two very important facts about Iceland. Continue reading

Rocket Jump: 095 – Wisconsin Triumvirate

With most of the regular RocketJump crew indisposed, it’s up to Aaron to gather fellow Wisconsinites Dan and David to maintain order and talk about Injustice’s dystopian dimension, Defiance’s alien apocalyptic Earth, meeting Raz’s (Psychonauts) voice actor, and more. It’s snowing in WI right now. Google it. Continue reading

Rocket Jump: 093 – Yeti Community College

Jim and Ben are back and regale Todd with their belated tales from PAX East. Then the guys give their thoughts on Tomb Raider now that everyone has beaten it, and talk a bit about creating a Nimble Quest guild, and Injustice: Gods Among Us. We also answer reader mail about Bioshock Infinite. All this, and we find out where the “risky bone” is, on this weeks Rocket Jump! Continue reading