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Kirk Reviews: Banished

Banished is a game about a band of settlers who build a new community.  The player makes all executive and societal decisions for the settlers, but does not have a physical presence in the community.  The player is free to imagine handing down divine orders, possessing the minds of elected … Continue reading

Why The Microsoft/Machinima Blunder Matters

In 2007, the perennial question of, “Can video game consumers truly trust video game journalists?” finally seemed to come to a head. Rumor and speculation ran rampant as Jeff Gerstmann was sacked at GameSpot, seemingly for giving a bad review score to a game that had contributed advertising to the … Continue reading

In Third Person – Yomi Review

Designed to recreate the feel of playing Street Fighter, Yomi is my latest tabletop gaming obsession. It masterfully translates the fighting game experience into a fast and thrilling card game that’s enjoyable for fans of either medium. If you’re interested in learning more about it, head over to In Third … Continue reading

Kirk Plays: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin – Part 4


When we last left Shaftwell McStiffles, he was scavenging the easy level for enough equipment to survive the challenges of the lower levels of the dungeon.  Now continues his adventures: My adventure was going great!  This was so much more exciting than my peasant life.  I was stomping monsters and … Continue reading