The Drunken Paladin – #02

Season 10 is finally underway and do I have some interesting tales to share with you. Since the last time we visited, I’ve lost an arena partner then gained and lost another. I’ve spent hours inside the Battlegrounds gearing up more than one character followed closely by heartaches and betrayal. I’ve listened to stories of woe from my teammates, made my own and wrapped it all up with a red bow. The last two weeks have been a roller coaster of emotion and I hope I can bundle it up in a little package for you.

At the beginning of this season, I sat around with Dave and Nathan and we decided the composition we were going to run was moot. Hunters are a dying breed and with the most recent changes in the latest patch, you weren’t anybody if you weren’t running with a Feral Druid. Thankfully, Nathan has a druid that could easily be geared and ready to Arena, but there was an issue… Nathan was going to be gone for two weeks.

When I start something I’m in it for the long haul, but I never thought that I’d almost have to kill my series within the second week of posting. Cue last Sunday evening: I was enjoying my night when I received a text message from Nathan. The conversation is below.

Nathan: Ya idk if i am going to renew my account im bored of this game now 8:55 PM
Me: Oh noes I hope you’re lying to me 8:56 PM
Nathan: lol i’m not i logged on started grinding got bored switched toons switched toons again logged off 8:57 PM
Me: God dammit 8:58 PM
Me: you’re makin a fool outta me brah 9:01 PM
Nathan: you wish i was 9:06 PM
Me: I swear to God 9:06 PM
Me: so I started this nice article to talk about our awesome time playing together and now I have to end it. 9:09 PM
Nathan: lol or you could find another but i am going to vegas in a couple weeks and i might stay longer than i originally intended 9:33 PM
Me: okay you’re officially out of the cool kids club. ps: solo grinding is boring as hell 10:24 PM
Nathan: Lol i know it is but i dont feel like doing anything in this game 10:47 PM

Too long; Didn’t read?
My third partner quit World of Warcraft. My stomach instantly sank as I frantically went over what I could do to fix this situation. How was I supposed to keep this article going if I only had ⅔’s of a team? I scoured the World of Warcraft forums and other sources for a replacement and ended up getting extremely lucky because I found one. The series was saved and we were now able to move forward towards our goal!

Not even 24 hours later I received another string of text messages again from Nathan. Summed up they said: “Yeah, I’m not actually quitting. I’m just too hyped for my vacation.” Now what exactly am I supposed to do in this situation? I’ve filled our replacements head with delusions of grandeur and suddenly my third partner decides that he never actually quit?! Well, I did what any other person would do and kicked our newly acquired third off of the team and brought back Nathan. At this point we are barely a week into the season and I’ve already lost an arena partner, gained one and lost him again. The biggest problem I see coming from this is, as mentioned in the text message conversation above, Nathan is going away on vacation in a few weeks. He’ll have access to the Internet and a laptop, but does that mean he is going to play at his full potential? Does that mean he is going to play with us every night like we’d like? This is no easy task to get to Gladiator and it’s already taken a huge toll on our team!

With Nathan’s problems pushed aside, Dave and I decided to play some 2v2 matches to make sure we stayed salty. We rounded it out at 11 – 2 before the end of the first week, only being able to play a few games because of time restrictions. Because of that, we spent most of our time scouring the Internet for tips on how to play our characters best with our 3v3 composition. While making my rounds I decided to sign up for a website called Skill-Capped. Skill-Capped is supposed to provide videos for potential Gladiator’s FROM past Gladiators. Seems like a sweet deal, right? While it wasn’t a terrible $5 investment because I was able to get a few articles that I wouldn’t have found by Googling, I wasn’t impressed. My goal is to find as many resources as I can to learn as much as I can as I briefly touched on in my first article. Unfortunately, I can’t watch videos from past expansions and expect to have any sort of luck in a current expansion. Yep, that’s pretty much all that website gave me.

To try and put a positive spin on this situation, Dave has learned a lot about the Warrior class and how he should play his character. It’s amazing what some constructive talking and Google searching can do. Once you’ve found hard numbers on stats you can effectively make a potentially game breaking decision. During the time of this article Dave has decided to change how his character is geared and push more toward a burst damage style play. We don’t know how well it is going to do, but if we theory crafted properly we should see an exponential increase in our 2v2 team’s ranking as we wait for Nathan.

Knowing the vague details that you do about the situation, let me ask you a few questions:

  • How would have you handled it?
  • Would you have taken your chance with a random person and left your long time friend on the side?
  • Do you see this small break for 2v2 matches as a blessing like we do?

I’d like to know your thoughts on how to handle the situation because as it stands we haven’t played one match in order to push our titles up. There is still a good 4 months left in the season…but every week counts.

Arena Rating Before This Article: 0
Arena Record Before: 0 – 0 (2v2)

Arena Record After: 11 – 2 (2v2)
Arena Rating After This Article: 1072

Total Hours Played in Arena: 3

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