The Plan: Impressions

Two nights ago I died repeated, horrible deaths in the Crysis 3 multiplayer beta. The night before that I killed my Lord-knows-how-many-th dragon in Skyrim. The night before that I got pwned by a cranky wizard guarding a bridge in Morrowind. The night before that…

Last night I played The Plan, an upcoming free title from Krillbite, the same folks developing Among the Sleep. The star character, the only character, is a housefly. Not a mutant fly. Not a fly-cum-nanowarship out of Scott Westerfeld’s The Killing of Worlds.

A common housefly.

You start on a rock and aren’t prompted to do anything. For all the game cares, you could sit there for hours, doing absolutely nothing. But you’re a gamer. You’re curious. So you use the WASD you always use and figure things out.

Not surprisingly, The Plan is as mechanically bare as they come. Events happen, a fail state (of sorts) exists, but to describe the experience further is to rob the player of essential discovery. What I will say is that it’s worth the five minutes it takes to play. Put some headphones on and let the game’s excellent sound design wash over you. Struggle sideways, struggle upwards, and wonder what the hell is going on.

I was intrigued by the trailer. I was puzzled by the game’s opening moments. I glimpsed the ending moments before it actually happened, and laughed out loud at the game’s minimalist brilliance.

The Plan releases on February 10th. Enjoy an appropriately cryptic trailer here.

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