The SOPA End-Around

On January 18th, Splitkick participated in a widespread blackout of websites that opposed the passage of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Protect IP Act). In a fairly alarming turn of events, most of the backers of the legislation decided to back down after the uproar and both were tabled pending further review. Score one for protests, right?! Maybe not.

Soon after this event, former US Senator Christopher Dodd made some inflamatory statements, and due to his current post as a chief MPAA lobbyist, implied that as an orginazation they would no longer be sending money to Washington. He admitted bribery of the US Government:

He admitted bribery of the US Government.Most just chalked this up to business as usual for our lovely government, however that was basically Dodd saying that the MPAA and RIAA wouldn’t stop. As implied, they have continued their pursuit despite the obvious opposition. At least one Senator was listening.

Today, FCC chief Julius Genachowski urged Internet providers to start protecting their customers against hackers. This is being done in conjunction with an act introduced on Valentine’s Day, S. 2105.

I know what you’re saying, what’s that got to do with SOPA and PIPA? At face value, not much at all. Who wouldn’t want some protection against those cyber terrorists? Much like stopping child pornography, there’s no arguing against it. The first problem here is that in order to protect you from the bad guys, it means examining traffic. Privacy goes away.

They’ll attempt to stop the Russian Business Network et al from gettin’ your computers. They’ll focus on stopping malware, botnets, and viruses. Inspecting the data, We’re right back to where SOPA and PIPA wanted us to be with your ISP controlling what you get to see.they’ll see that a lot of this stuff is transmitted via Bittorrent and the transmission of copyright infringing files. All the sudden Internet Service Providers place restrictions on peer-to-peer traffic to keep you safe. They start blocking websites that host trackers and foreign websites that distribute infringing content… and we’re right back to where SOPA and PIPA wanted us to be with your ISP controlling what you get to see.

S. 2105, the Cybersecurity Act, was introduced and sponsored by perpetual humbug and PIPA co-sponsor, Senator Joseph Lieberman.

The fight isn’t over.

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