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David Hughes is an Editor for Splitkick. PC gamer, mod lover, screenarcher, and Elder Scrolls fanboy.

Kickstart Guide to Bioshock Infinite

Veterans of Bioshock will feel like very little has changed at the outset of Bioshock: Infinite. As the game progresses, however, there’s quite a bit of divergence in balancing and mechanics. While many players will wish to experiment on their own, there are still some nice tips we can offer new players to avoid time wasted with inferior character builds. Continue reading

Vault Play: Crysis 2

Crysis 2 plays phenomenally well, especially in the first 6 hours, but it could have been so much more. For one, Crytek should have thrown a lot of the story out, or at least lightened up on the budget-intensive scripted sequences. Imagine if those extra resources had been put into AI programming for the human enemies, procedural levels (or at least randomized enemy placement), and made the game all about replayability. Continue reading

Broken Tamriel 8 – Death By Dragon

I never saw this coming. The Device, my failsafe, was tied to Quorengor’s sponsorship. Having been disavowed, there was no way to cheat death, and death in Skyrim comes frequently. It could come at the hands of bandits, a pack of wolves; worse, falling off a cliff. I make no claims towards perfection, but I refuse these ignoble deaths. If I am to die, it will be at the hands of a dragon. Continue reading