Short Attention Gamer: 115


New consoles. New website. New-old Podcast Name. Rocket Jump is now Short Attention Gamer. On this episode of SAG, Todd, Aaron, and Jim discuss their first impressions of the PlayStation 4 and pretty much everything of interest that goes along with the launch. Hold on to your butts! Games Discussed: … Continue reading

Rocket Jump 114: Elephants are Dangerous

The tension is palpable as we lead up to the new generation of consoles. We discuss what games we’d want out of the gate on launch day, and whether Todd can pretend play Killzone:Shadow Fall with just a blu-ray disc and a PS4 controller. We also discuss some Halloween hold overs like How to Survive and Path of Exile, along Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4. There is also a PSA in there somewhere about how to not get your PSN account hacked. Tell a friend! Continue reading

Rocket Jump 112: Autotuned

This week’s two man show features a blue yeti alongside Todd and Jim. We run through some thoughts on Grand Theft Auto Online and Todd seems like he’s interested in Spelunky. Jim finally decided to play a bit of Sleeping Dogs and asks the question, “What new ideas do you want to see as part of the Next Generation?”. Does this show sound better than it has in the past? Continue reading

Rocket Jump 111: Custom Tailored Camo Suit

Annnnnnnd WE’RE BACK! After a few weeks off the RJ crew returns a little bit older, and a little bit wiser. Jim and Ben recap their visit to the Boston Festival of Indie Games 2013, Todd tells us why we need to play Rayman Legends, and his mixed feelings on Killzone Mercenary. Then we talk a little about that game that came out where you steal cars. Continue reading

Rocket Jump: 110 – Miley Crysis

Nintendo did WHAT?! 2DS is our first topic of conversation this week as we unravel the (not so) mysterious announcement of Nintendo’s new budget handheld console. Then Jim tells us some detail about Blizzard’s Hearthstone since he’s in the beta. Finally, Todd regales us with a story about why Splinter Cell Blacklist isn’t a bad game. Spies vs. Mercs is back! All this, and people are leaking info about GTA V, on this week’s Rocket Jump! Continue reading

Rocket Jump: 109 – Points of Articulation

This week Jim and Todd start with an in-depth discussion of Disney Infinity. Then we move onto news from Gamescom. Aaron and Ben have a discussion about the future of streaming games on next gen consoles. Then most importantly, we talk about the greatest game in the universe…DIVEKICK! Continue reading