Short Attention Gamer

Short Attention Gamer (formerly The Rocket Jump Podcast) features Jim, Todd, Aaron, and Ben. Discussion ranges from AAA titles to the independent and is released on alternating weeks with The Recurring Bosscast. Feel free to leave a voicemail (716) 575-5867 or send an email:


The Recurring Bosscast

Join Jett, Jason, and Mat as they discuss the world of video games from their perspective. Released on alternating weeks with Short Attention Gamer. You can email into the show at


Splitkick Klassik

Want a blast from the past? Splitkick Klassik is a weekly release of old stuff from the staff’s repertoire. None of these episodes are available anywhere else on the web but right here.


Splitkick Combine

Every bit of Splitkick audio awesome can be found within the Splitkick Combine feed. SAG, Bosscast, and Klassik as well as whatever else we decided to throw at you.


Fall Damage

Fall Damage was the Monday podcast at Adam, Dan, Peter, and Niki dual wielded humor and analysis like some sort of metaphysical barbarian. We keep their stuff around like an archival lunatic.

The Recurring Bosscast: 036 – Pour One Out For Flappy Bird

The demise of Flappy Bird isn’t enough to keep Jason and Jett from playing the game throughout this episode. They also run through all of the news from Nintendo Direct, though the conversation reaches its peak when they discuss the state of the Wii U. Games Mentioned: Bravely Default, Batman: … Continue reading

The Recurring Bosscast: 034 – A Red Future Where Everyone Has Pink Eye

Back from CES, Jason shares with us his experiences from the show floor. Listen in for his hands-on impressions of the Oculus Rift, Sony’s VR headset, the Steam controller, PlayStation Now and more! Games Mentioned: Day Z, NBA 2K14, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, Pokemon X, Mario Kart 7, Game … Continue reading